Commercial Space Travel is Now A Reality

Space is said to be the final frontier of humankind, and only a selected few have had the luxury of seeing the world from an intergalactic point of view.  Fortune has always favoured the brave, and icons like Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are some of the boldest people who have ventured out of Earth’s atmosphere.

As of August 2013, only 530 people have been to outer space and that is approximately 3.9% of the entire human population! The first human spaceflight in 1961 showed us that even the most unimaginable and impossible goals can come true. Since then, many scientists and engineers have been working in collaboration to develop innovative aerospace technologies that push the boundaries of future Space Travel.

Many people have dreamt of going to space to experience the divine feeling of being on top of the world. Well, now that dream is about to become a reality!

Innovative companies like Virgin Galactic, SXC, Space Adventures and Blue Origin are in the final stages of launching suborbital spaceflights for tourism purposes. Virgin is possibly the forerunner of the space tourism race as the aviation giants announced that they will be ready to launch the world’s first commercial space line in 2014.  Space Tickets

Commercial spaceflights could possibly be the new ‘dream holiday’ for everyone as these suborbital travels are significantly cheaper than previous space tourism packages that cost $20 – 40 million dollars per trip.

Currently, suborbital Space Tickets range from $200,000 – $250,000, and tickets can be bought directly from Virgin or a certified space travel agency in Australia. It has been reported that almost 600 people have already signed up for the flight including celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, Katy Perry, and Stephen Hawking.

Basically, anyone who can foot the $200,000 plus bill can easily get a space ticket to fly out of Earth’s atmosphere. Imagine the magical view that one can get from up above…the distances and proportions will gives us a new perspective about life on earth and its guaranteed to remind us about the true beauty of our world. As Sir Richard Branson says, “In the silent tranquillity of space, you will experience weightlessness and views of our beautiful planet that will change your perception of life.”

In fact, Australian based Space Agency, Spencer Travel, speculates that holidaymakers could possibly experience a whole different type of vacation by 2016, in a hotel orbiting 322 kilometres above earth. The accommodation, called Hotel in The Heavens, is being developed by Russian aerospace firm, Orbital Technologies, and it’s estimated to cost travellers about $1 million for five nights, including return space tickets.

Could this truly be new frontier of humankind? Perhaps one day spaceflights will be the most sought after holiday option, and in 50 years, space tickets could possibly be a common luxury that can be afforded by families. We can’t exactly predict how big commercial space travel is going to be, but one thing is for sure…this is only the beginning and it is going to get much bigger as civilisation progresses.


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