Space Flights: An Out Of This World Experience

As the cost of travelling into space reduces and more commercial space flight companies are founded, the dream of travelling into space is becoming a reality for some. So what’s involved with commercial space travel, and how can you get yourself a ticket?

If you’ve got a spare $250,000 lying around, you can get yourself a ticket into space from one of a number of commercial Space Flight companies that have been set up in recent years. While the cost of getting to space is significantly cheaper than it once was, it’s still a costly holiday that means most of the 600 or so people who have bought tickets are celebrities and big business owners.

The cost of the trip is not the only thing that might put you off purchasing a ticket – there’s also the rigorous training program you must complete before your Space Flight. This includes months and months of intense physical, practical and safety training in order to prepare your body and mind for the space environment.

During physical training, your body is prepared for the space environment by being placed in a device that simulates the g-forces of a space launch. The practical training teaches you about living day to day in space (e.g. going to the toilet, what you’ll be eating, how to drink etc), and the safety training covers all the essential information you need to be prepared for emergency situations.

While training is pretty intense, it is done over a long period – about 9 months – so that space travelers can go about their normal lives while preparing for their Future Space Travel. The training involves a mix of on and off-site activities, and medical clearance is required.

If you’ve got the money and think you’re up for the mental and physical challenge, a trip into space would be the holiday of a lifetime!

Olivia Brown is a highly respected travel writer who is also working her way towards obtaining her certification as a space agent. She is now making her way towards her goal of working for a Space Agency in Australia, in the hope that she will someday be able to venture into outer space as well. Olivia regularly liaises with trusted space agencies to gather credible information about Space Travel. Her exciting globetrotting adventures are chronicled in various travel publications throughout Australia.


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