Space Agency- Ticket To Space Travel

Space, the final frontier, but made accessible to everyone thanks to Virgin Galactic. Bookings for some of the first sub-orbital flights are already available from one of Virgin Galactic’s accredited Space Agency, for those wanting an experience of a lifetime. While there are health checks made prior to launch Virgin Galactic believes that almost everyone will be able to enjoy sub-orbital flight. Training is provide beforehand to better prepare you for the real deal, with many of the conditions and sensations of space flight being easily simulated.

Spencer Travel was one of the first travel agencies in the world to be appointed as a Virgin Galactic Accredited Space Travel Agency in 2006 and have had the privilege of attending all major Virgin Galactic events; they were also the first to sell a full paid ticket into space by an accredited Space Agent worldwide. Tina Kileen, Louise Brown and Nicole Blake our accredited Space Agents have undergone extensive training on the Virgin Galactic product and experience and both Tina and Louise have completed their sub-orbital space flight training with NASTAR in 2008.


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